Services & Rates

Custom Massage

60 minutes: $85
90 minutes: $110
120 minutes: $150

A full body massage that combines various modalities. Can be relaxing or treatment focused. Tailored to clients needs & goals.


CBD Massage

60 minutes: $115
90 minutes: $140
120 minutes: $180

Add Vital Body Therapeutic CBD massage cream to enhance pain relief and decrease inflammation. 

Peaceful Moments

60 minutes: $110

Upper body focused massage including hot stones worked on back, neck, arms.

Heated River Rock Massage

90 minutes: $140
120 minutes: $180

Full body massage integrated with hot stone therapy. Amazing for deep relaxation and stress relief.

Whispering WIllows Combination

90 minutes: $110

One-hour full body massage plus 30 minutes reflexology focused on the feet.


30 minutes: $55

Focused on the feet, reflexology sessions have been found to be effective for conditions such as allergies, headaches, and depression.

Soothe Your Soles

45 minutes: $70.00

“A facial for the feet.” Relax, as warm towels, foot scrub and masque are applied to your feet then massaged to promote circulation and ultimate relaxation.

Soothe Your Soles + Reflexology

60 minutes: $110

Combine the best of both worlds and treat your feet to the attention they deserve.

Head, Hands + Feet

60 minutes: $110

Experience a facial massage as well as a luxurious hand and foot massage that includes the application of the Montana-made Windrift Hill Goat Milk Body Butter that will leave your skin feeling amazing. Choose from a variety of scents.

Facial Massage

30 minutes: $65

***Note, this is NOT a facial***

Using a combination of hot towels, massage techniques and hydrating jojoba oil, enjoy some gentle care focused on relieving the muscles of your head, neck, and face. We use facial cups and chilled facial globes to complete the service. A wonderful upgrade to any service. We do not apply cleanser, toner or a masque of any kind. 

Lazy Day Meltdown

90 minutes: $135

Your hands and feet will be treated with paraffin wax to help increase circulation and soften to skin. Full body massage and reflexology on the feet to follow.

Sweet Treat/Salt Glow

90 minutes: $155
120 minutes: $190

A house blend of brown sugar and sea salt that is applied to the skin to increase circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Full body massage following clients’ shower.

Soothing Escape Mud Treatment

90 minutes: $165
120 minutes: $200

After a house blend of brown sugar and sea salt is applied, a layer of detoxifying mud is painted onto the body. Full body massage following clients’ shower.

Total Indulgence

150 minutes: $250

A complete service that includes a brown sugar/sea salt scrub, mud application, paraffin wax and full body massage following the clients’ shower.

CBD Wrap

120 minutes: $200
150 minutes: $250

Beginning with dry brushing the body, the therapist will then apply an ounce of Vital Body Therapeutics massage cream to the body. As it absorbs into the body, a Soothe Your Soles and facial massage will be provided followed by a full body massage.


Varied: Varies

Here is a complete list of all upgrades available for each treatment:

  • Facial Cupping/Luminous CBD Facial Recovery Oil              $10
  • Deep Tissue/Cupping                                                                $15
  • Dry Brushing - add 10 minutes to treatment                        $15
  • Windrift Hill Goat Milk Body Butter                                         $10
  • Vital Body Therapeutics CBD - 1oz                                          $30
  • Soothe Your Soles - add 30 minutes to treatment               $55