Whispering Willows Day Spa


Sometimes knowing what to schedule or what to expect can be confusing. Please read through the following list of frequently asked questions to get clarification. Feel free to contact us for further information. 

1. "How do I best prepare for a massage?" Generally speaking, we tell our clients that they should be hydrated before their massage. We also like to let our female clients know that it's best to arrive without make-up on and with their hair down and not 'done' for the day. We do not recommend having any alcohol prior to your massage as this could make you feel sick during or after your session. Please, prepare to turn your phone off or on silent while in the spa to limit the distractions. We ask clients to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to their service to get properly checked in and have time to speak with their massage therapist about their massage goals. 


2. "Does I need to be a guest of the resort to get a massage?" NO! We welcome anyone to get a treatment at our spa. 

3. "If I am not a guest of the resort, does my massage include access to the hot springs?" YES! Please let your massage therapist know if you're interested in soaking before or after your massage. Please note that a soak pass is for the day of the massage and only for the client receiving the massage. They can't be transferred to anyone else or used on a different day. 

4. "I'm pregnant. Are there massage therapists certified in prenatal massage?" YES! All of our massage therapists have taken classes specific to pregnancy and postpartum. You may want to clear it with your doctor if you have any health issues before getting a massage. Hot stone massage is not available for prenatal clients. 

5. "Can I schedule a massage for my children?" YES! We do book appointments for children as young as 12. A parent is always required to sign the client intake form for any minor under 17. We will discuss with you the best available options for children. We will not use hot stones on a client, nor will we do our Raindrop Technique. Keep in mind your child's attention span and if they are ticklish or not prior to booking an appointment. Many of the minors we see here have experienced massage and are comfortable with it, or they are athletes and in that case, could probably benefit from it. Again, please be prepared to discuss these things when you are scheduling for your children. We do recommend a parent of the same sex of the client remain in the massage room during the treatment.

6. "What treatments can we get in the couples room and what are the costs?" Any service can be scheduled in the couples room and the price is based on service per person. You do not need to be a couple to schedule this. We often get best friends or mother/daughter appointments scheduled to utilize this room. Please request this room when booking as it is booked first come, first serve. You do not need to have the same treatment to be in the couples room, however the same amount of time is necessary.

7. "How many rooms and massage therapists do you have?" We have 4 massage rooms, one being a couples treatment room. While we have 8 massage therapists on staff, availability of those therapists are dependent on their schedules as they are all commissioned contractors. If you are looking to book a number of treatments at one time, please know that we will do everything we can to make it possible, however be prepared that it may not be. 

8. "Do I need to book an appointment in advance or can I just walk-in?" We always suggest scheduling your appointment as soon as possible. Generally speaking, weekday appointments are about 1-2 weeks out and weekends are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance. We always have a cancellation list for each day that it is needed and we fill those spots on a first come, first serve basis. We will not leave a voicemail if we are trying to fill a cancellation, the appointment will go to the first person that answers and can make the appointment in time. 

9. "Do I need to prepay for my appointment?" At this time, we do require a credit card on file to reserve an appointment. This helps to minimize no-shows and last-minute cancellations. We understand that things happen that can cause people the need to cancel or reschedule their appointments and we do what we can to accommodate that. We do a 24-hour confirmation call to ensure that clients have time to cancel their appointments and we request that clients give us the courtesy of letting us know whether they will make it or not. In the event we aren't able to reach via voicemail, we will try to send a text.